Horan DMC provide an array of Project Management, Contract Management & Facilities Management Related Services to Clients within the Construction Industry across various Sectors. The Services are broken down in the following 5 Sections:

  1. Design
  2. Planning
  3. Project Management
  4. Contract Management
  5. Facilities Management


Horan DMC provides Design Services to encapsulate client needs and wants and transform them into a modern / traditional / contemporary design to client satisfaction. Horan DMC Design Services are outlined below:

3D Printing Model

3D Printing Model

Architectural Design

  1. Architectural Design
  2. Drafting and Development Layouts
  3. 3D Modelling
  4. 3D Printing of Building




Planning Services

  1. Development Costings
  2. Planning Permission Application Submission
    1. Outline Planning
    2. Full Planning
    3. Retention
  3. Percolation Testing Services


Construction Design

  1. Construction Drawings including Specification
  2. Structural Engineering Drawings
  3. Mechanical Engineering Drawings
  4. 3D Modelling
  5. 3D Printing of Building



Horan DMC provide a wide range of Planning Services as outlined below:


Planning Application

  1. Prepare and Submit Applications

    1. Outline Planning

    2. Full Planning

    3. Retention

  2. Exempt Development Works

  3. Land Zoning

  4. Planning Consultancy


Development Planning

  1. Prepare Development Costings

  2. General Construction Consultancy

  3. Feasibility Study

  4. Cost Benefit Analysis Study

  5. Net Present Value Study


Sustainable Building Planning

  1. B.E.R Certificates (Pre and Post Construction)

  2. Sustainable Building & Technology Advice.


Project Management

Horan DMC provide a range of Project Management Services to various industries as outlined below:


Project Planning

Project Planning Services in form of :

  • Project Scoping

  • Design Brief Creation

  • Budget Creation

  • Business Case Preparation

  • Stakeholder Engagement


Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling Services in form of:

  • Microsoft Project

    • Master Project Schedule

    • Milestone Schedule

    • Critical Path Method

    • Earned Value Method

  • Phasing of works

  • Consideration of Seperable Portions


Project Tendering & Estimation

Project Tendering & Estimation Services in form of:

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Preparing Tender Documents

  • Tender Management

  • Pre-Tender Meetings on-site

  • Tender Evaluation

  • Contract Award



Contract Management

Horan DMC have significant Contract Management (Administration) experience of major Public and Private Contracts overseas in countries including Australia, USA, Qatar, etc. This combined experience managing various forms of Contract provides a broad platform to manage small to large scale Public and Private Contracts.


Contract Tendering

  • Preparation of Tender Documents

  • Facilitating Tender Process

  • Tender Evaluation

  • Contract Award


Contract Administration

  • Contract Meetings

  • Progress Certificate Issuing

  • Contract Program Tracking

  • Progress Reporting to Client

  • Variation Claim Assessing and Administration

  • EOT Claim Assessing and Administration

  • Practical Completion Certificate Issuing

  • Contract Close Out Report


Contract Claims Preparation / Assessment Specialists

  • Variation Claims

  • Delay Claims

  • Specialised Claims

  • Dispute Resolution

Facilities Management

Horan DMC provide Facilities Management Services to the market as outlined below:


Stock Survey

  • Building Survey

  • Infrastructure Survey

  • Database Creation

  • Condition Reporting

  • BER Assessment

  • Program of Works Creation


Building Maintenance & Refurbishment

  • Building Condition Reporting

  • Scoping

  • Manage Maintenance / Refurbishment Works


Estate Management

  • Council / Management Company Liaising

  • Snag List Creation

  • Manage Outstanding Works to Completion

  • Manage Estate Handover to Council